We are committed to doing all we can to keep our staff and guests safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure a safe dining experience for all:

  1. Every staff member is temp checked before punching in to start each shift.
  2. Every staff member is provided and wears a facial mask and gloves throughout their shift.
  3. All menus are now digital or disposable (single use).
  4. All condiment containers, credit card books and laminated digital menu code handouts are sanitized before being given to guests.
  5. Table and chair surfaces are sanitized after each use. Sanitized tables are left bare until customers are seated.
  6. Some tables, chairs and stools have been removed to reduce seating capacity. Remaining tables and seating have been distanced 6 feet apart.
  7. We have created our Curbside Pick-Up system which allows customers to order, pay in advance and have the order brought out to their vehicle if they wish to avoid entering the facility.
  8. We’ve maximized the volume of our make up air equipment to circulate fresh outside air into the entire building on a continual basis.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy during their visit to Milwaukee Grill.